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Fitness and Holistic Nutrition Center: It’s All About You
Our health experts are here to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals in a supportive and challenging environment. Our staff is a team of dedicated, Exercise Physiologists, Certified Personal Trainers, Fitness Lifestyle Coaches, Corporate Wellness Coaches, Naturopathic Physicians, Homeopaths and Massage Therapists. Evidence based research is the foundation of our team’s approach to helping you decrease your health risks and improve your well-being.

Corporate Wellness: Changing the Way You View Holistic Health And Wellness
Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, any company knows that its employees are really its greatest asset. Companies are beginning to see the mind body connection and how it relates to their employees overall health and performance. Our clinic is proud to partner with many regional businesses and corporations to bring wellness into the workplace. Research shows that it pays to give employees the tools that they need to live healthier lifestyles, and Your Panacea’s Corporate Wellness program is helping them do just that.

Veterinary Wellness: Holistic Health for your Pets, Equestrian and Farm Animals
Lets not forget our animals; either our pets, equestrian or farm bound they also benefit from holistic health to achieve the ultimate wellness body and mind. Our specialists range from animal behaviorists, physiologists, Certified veterinary hydrotherapist, nutritionist and physiotherapist. Many animal problems comes from nutrition and can be resolve quite easily by adjusting their lifestyle with a few changed to their food, additional supplements, exercise and emotional connection. Animals response very well to the holistic approach.

Your Panacea On-Line: Wellness on Your Time
Bring our health and wellness tools into your busy life with Your Panacea Online. We offer a variety of interactive services with our specialists to help you create your own personal portal for health and wellness. No matter what your goals, Your Panacea Online includes tools that everyone can use to create a healthier lifestyle.

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